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Bass-Baritone Jan Opalach reviewing the score of Three Songs in his New York apartment.

Margaret Kampmeier sitting at her piano in her New York apartment.

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 Cantilena Infinita (1986) for chamber orchestra, score pdf I, meas. 4-10
XI, meas. 227-238

 Concerto for Orchestra (1969)
score pdf

I, meas. 35-46
II, meas. 56-62
III, meas. 13-23

 Concerto for Three Groups (1968) for 9 brass, 2 clarinets, 3 percussion, 2 pianos, celeste

I, meas. 35-46
II, meas. 5-14
III, meas. 148-156
IV, meas. 218-222

 Contours (1992) for piano
score pdf

I, meas. 37-43
II, meas. 102-110
III, meas. 199-End
 Mountain Paths for orchestra, score pdf Deep Forest--Dark Dance, meas. 33-48
Ice Storm Light Show, meas. 93-End
Morphopoiesis for orchestra, score pdf I, meas. 51-57
II, meas. 5-10
III, meas. 70-76

 Octet (1979) for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, percussion, violin, 2 cellos, score pdf

I, meas. 43-50
II, meas. 58-71
III, meas. 22-34

String Quartet for two violins, viola, and cello, score pdf

I, meas. 5-8
II, meas. 24-27
III, meas. 3-8
IV, meas. 40-45
V, meas. 2-6
VI, meas. 10-13
VII, meas. 64-69

 Three for two trumpets and orchestra, score pdf

I, meas. 80-88
II, meas. 80-90
III, meas. 64-74

 Three Songs for baritone voice and piano, poems by e. e. cummings

spring!may--, meas. 15-21
why from this her and him, meas. 14-18
unlove's the heavenless hell, meas. 14-18

 Trio (1990) for violin, cello, and piano, score pdf

I, meas. 58-63
II, meas. 110-118
III, meas. 230-234

 Trio 1966 for violin, clarinet, and cello, score pdf

I, meas. 1-5
II, meas. 31-34
III, meas. 10-15
IV, meas. 18-23
V, meas. 5-11

 Two Isorhythms (1982) for piano

I, meas. 24-31
II, meas. 24-31

 Two Lyric Pieces (1977) for piano

I, meas. 17-22
II, meas. 20-27
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