Bruce Hobson: Mountain Paths and other works


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Contents: Mountain Paths, String Quartet, Contrasts, Morphopoiesis
Ensemble: Orchestra, String Quartet
Instrumentation: Various
Duration: 71:14
Label: Equinox Music
Years Recorded: 2001 to 2007
Years Composed: 1965 to 2007
Performers: Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, Gamavilla String Quartet, Moravian Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, Lucie Kaucká-Piano Solo
Conductors: Joseph Firszt (Mountain Paths), Petr Šumník (Contrasts), Toshiyuki Shimada (Morphopoiesis)
Review: “The atmosphere [of Mountain Paths] is mysterious but not menacing, possessing a primeval grandeur. . . [Hobson] has a fine ear for instrumental color and dynamic contrast. . . I find some of the ideas Hobson uses to plan his music's shape fascinating and the results dramatically effective. Contrasts juxtaposes piano and strings, which alternately share and provoke responses in a convincing timbral and thematic dialog.” Fanfare Magazine

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